Raylib example using the package manager

Here is a fairly minimal example that uses raylib with the zig package manager.
I might add some more links/resources or maybe other examples as branches some other time.

Currently it is created with only a few modifications from the default zig init-exe project,
to make it easier to see what steps were required.


Thanks for that! A great starting point when wanting to use raylib indeed.

One remark would be that, on an actual project, I would keep the .optimize flag as is for raylib. You might want to build to ReleaseSmall for example. I tried BTW and got to 800K, so not bad.

As a zig noob I tried experimenting and got a weird error. I tried to compile with -Dtarget=x86_64-linux-gnu. Don’t ask me why, just playing around. And I got a failure:

raylib.zig build-lib raylib Debug x86_64-linux-gnu: error: error: unable to find Dynamic system library 'GL' using strategy 'paths_first'. searched paths:
error: unable to find Dynamic system library 'X11' using strategy 'paths_first'. searched paths:

Although both library are present in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/. It might be because the path is hardwired here: https://github.com/raysan5/raylib/blob/master/src/build.zig#L84.

Building for x86_64-windows-gnu worked which is one of the thing that always amaze me the most with zig :slight_smile:

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I could be wrong but I believe that by default Zig only looks for system headers/libraries when compiling for native targets. It won’t look for them when you specify a target like -Dtarget=x86_64-linux-gnu even if your machine happens to be the same target.

If the raylib build.zig wants to look for system headers/libs when targeting any Linux target it might want to try to replicate how std.zig.system.NativePaths.detect does it.

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I removed the hard coded raylib override with comments and instead replaced it with options and some hints printed to console on exit.

Now you can use zig build -Doptimize=ReleaseSmall -Dstrip=true for a small stripped build like you did, or you can use zig build -Draylib-optimize=ReleaseFast for a debug build of your own app that uses a release build of raylib (if you aren’t debugging raylib). The raylib-optimize defaults to the value of optimize when its not provided.

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