How do you call someone who programs in Zig?

Zigist? Zigian? Ziger?



Yep, Ziguana :zap: :lizard:

For instance, here’s a community project that documents where the Ziguanas of the world live:


Oh, thanks for this! I saw this map some quite long time ago,
recently wanted to look at it again, but could not find by some reason.

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Personally I don’t understand this new trend to classify programmers.


It’s kinda just about creating the community lore for fun, ya know :wink:

So glad that especially Loris and also the TigerBeetle gang really dig it! I mean, their browser game demo alone is nuts :star_struck:

I suggest “Zigster” :grin:


It is sometimes useful to refer to a subset of all programmers. For instance, in “Ziguanas are discussing the possible creation of a centralized package index” (the vast majority of the programmers don’t care and don’t participate).

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A “Programmer” lol - sorry, anti-joke

I think we settled on Ziguana’s a while ago.

I’m a Zigling. :smile:


I didn’t know programmers of particular languages had names. What is a C programmer called, a cist?


Off the top of my head, I can think of three programming languages with animal mascots and associated terms for their community members: Go - Gopher, Rust - Rustacean, Zig - Ziguana. I think it’s just a fun thing for the community to connect over, and in Zig’s case it makes for some nice illustrations in the release notes. Even some (relatively) older programming languages have mascots, such as Java’s Duke.


I can recall that at 80s in Greece we called C programmers Cistas and Cista.
This ending is quite common. see: Pythonista

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still a ziglet, me

Ziguana is wonderful! Stand still for long time, then do some very quick movements. :slight_smile:
(0.12, where are you?)

My version is zigoteric = zig + esoteric :slight_smile:
Of course, Zig is definitely not an esoteric lang (as, for instance white-space).

I agree with this.

In Russia some guys sometimes call C programmers “сишник” (pronounced approximately as “seesh-nick”, with a stress on the first syllable of the word), and I HATE being named as that, I am just “C programmer”!!! :slight_smile:

but wait… did you mean exactly this iguana?

You win - you found the exact one, lol.

that was some random stop-frame from Genesis’s “I can’t dance” video clip.

Today I’m a Ziggurat! In other times I’m a C-eer…