How do you call someone who programs in Zig?

As a non-English speaker, I wonder how to pronounce this word?

Zig - gwah - nah.

Same thing, but with a Z in front, as in ‘Z-iguana’

It’s because the Zig mascot is an iguana.

is [zɪ’gwɑ:nə] correct transcription?

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I can’t find that specific string online so I’m not sure? Sounds right reading it aloud to myself.

It sounds correct here IPA Reader


wow! cool, thanks!

A programmer. I hate these cutesy names.

no fun allowed


This does have an effect. I mean it’s why big corporations spend so much on public image. But more specifically this reminded me how way back at a community meetup of startup culture, the impression was that every person wearing a polo shirt was a Microsoft employee or aspiring to be. So at the time Apple took the opposite brand as the company of creative free thinkers. It may seem trivial whether there’s a mascot or adopted name, but in terms of identity it does send a message.