About the removal of custom `system` in std

Today @andrewrk merged #19360, removing the user defined system at the root file.

One useful feature was the ability to trace syscalls (without using ptrace).
Is having a custom system bad?

One possible issue is that the custom system will be used across all modules, thus potentially changing the behavior of external code.

It can also be considered as hidden flow, but I’m not sure.


I don’t really know, because I haven’t followed the different changes in enough detail or ever used a custom system, however maybe it is just a little taste of the teased upcoming apocalyptic changes for 0.13?

My guess is that things will break, but also that some things really need to break, or not exist in some particular form at all. So maybe we need to keep track of certain use cases, but not necessarily expect that those will be satisfied in one particular way going forward. Meaning maybe those things will be re-implemented in a different way.

All of this is just me speculating.