Apocalyptic changes label

Continuing the discussion from About the removal of custom `system` in std:

Maybe it would be useful to have a GitHub label (apocalyptic?) for these types of changes? I’ve seen the phrase used in issues and PRs but nothing of an official categorization nature. Having such a label would conveniently group all such major changes in one place, giving people a heads-up on what maybe they will need to be changing in their own Zig projects.

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breaking is an existing tag that can give us the full text of the apocalypse:
Recent breaking issues/merges/pull requests


Whoa, that’s some scary stuff! lol

If they ever plan on removing anytype, I’ll die laughing after I stop crying, lol.

I looked at the changes though… a lot of them are sensible. @dimdin, @dude_the_builder, are there any in particular that catch your attention?

I think switching from camel case to snake case for functions would have been truly apocalyptic (although I prefer snake case myself). But I see it was closed by andrewk just last week, and labeled as “not planned” so that’s that.

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Yes, I agree, everything is sensible. The real breaking changes are labeled release notes and some of them have already draft release notes.

The last reason for closing:

I toyed with this … and found it to tend to cause unfortunate shadowing that was not really the case before.

I don’t see a change suggested by @andrewrk (don’t remember where) about removing unicode support from the fmt namespace.