15 puzzle game

Now I have added the “15 puzzle game” written in Zig to Rosetta Code. If anyone wants to play a few rounds, have fun!

Rosettacode: 15 puzzle game in Zig


Doesn’t show up on the page, maybe it needs to be approved by other wiki members? (I don’t know)

Strange, I don’t get any notice of this. :thinking:

Maybe you are logged in and it is somehow a change that isn’t public yet?

Now I tried from my smartphone without logging in and it works! Maybe you try to refresh your browser.

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Hmm it seems my control-shift-r didn’t do a full page reload, but adding a query parameter worked, I am not exactly sure why I get a old cached response when I ask it to do a full reload, not sure whether the cdn, browser or some weird headers etc. are at fault. Maybe the cdn just caches too aggressively in some situations. With curl it also works.

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@chrboesch Your game inspired me to create a raylib version of it: GitHub - SimonLSchlee/zig15game: A 15 puzzle game implemented with raylib.

It has simple sound effects, multiple different key maps (wasd, arrow keys, hjkl), resizes based on window size and has a help / credits screen.
Let me know whether the way I am crediting you is ok / if I should change something about it, link to somewhere etc.

I had fun working on it and I played a few more rounds than I should have. :sweat_smile:
I thought about adding animations, but then I thought maybe I should get back to my other projects…
So maybe another time.



This is awesome And yeah, once you make that first move, you just can’t stop! Zig community productivity at work will now decrease by about 10% because of you guys. lol