Ziglings has moved to Codeberg

Due to Microsofts increasing influence on Github and the resulting focus on monetization, we have decided to move to Codeberg with Ziglings. We have also set up a handy URL to make it easier for all Zig learners: ziglings.org

Codeberg is a registered non-profit association, so we think it’s a good fit.

-Dave and Chris


Big thanks to @chrboesch for doing all the hard work on this move and for the ziglings.org domain!


Glad to see Codeberg get more popular, I moved several projects last year, the UI user experience is similar to GitHub, but it’s less stable than GitHub, so I’m still developing on GitHub, and use Codeberg only as a mirror.


Reposting from github issue:

Codeberg is noticeably slower than Github:

  • forking
  • preview of changes before commit - still generating after couple of minutes

Also on first fork I got 500.

Compared to Github for sure. But for Ziglings this is not so relevant and everyone can help to improve the infrastructure by donating: Codeberg Imprint

And that helps us keep some independence, a good feeling btw.