Zighelp.org - fork of ziglearn.org with couple of improvements

Hi all

https://zighelp.org is a fork of ziglearn.

Source at https://github.com/zighelp/zighelp/.

It offers couple of improvements over ziglearn:

  • simpler section navigation only on the left
  • next/previous chapter at the bottom
  • light/dark themes
  • searching
  • updated code and content for zig master
  • full build system (mkdocs and github actions) in repo
  • CI/CD that tests zig code with latest zig master build before merging

In the feature I plan to:

  • actively merge community PRs
  • add languages other than English
  • extend content with more examples, topics
  • actively update content to zig master
  • have epub/pdf for download

Why fork of ziglearn?

I wanted to add light mode, and a few other things.

I also wanted to be able to add content without having to wait too long for a PR to be merged.

Also there is a lot of good content in the ziglearn repo that hasn’t been merged yet.

And here some screenshots



It’s so funny you mention this. I was just talking to the other mods about an idea like this.

I ran some metrics on our site to see what the common questions are in the help topics, so if you’d like me to send you some info then I’d be happy to, but it looks like you’re off to a great start.

Thanks for sharing, and I hope we can get some support for this project.

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Thanks. Please send, every help is appreciated.


I frankly appreciate the possibility of changing the color which is very readable thank you thank you for my poor eyes

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Zig By Example has some concepts which arent available on ZigLearn. So it might be nice to have everything in one place. Also ZigLearn seems to be out of date for some things.


yes, but the new fork zighelp is being updated.



  • Infrastructure for translations thanks to @BratishkaErik. Right now you can choose English or Russian (just a stub). Help translating zighelp!
  • Every PR has checks
  • mkdocs validation for navigation
  • Use of requirements.txt for installing python packages.
  • Some small changes to README.md about installing locally, creating PR with gh.

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I have a plugin that works with Google translator, it’s more than ok (I say that because I use it every day) French.
Written in good English, the translation is clean


I used https://translate.google.com and https://deepl.com to translate to Polish.

And deepl is much better.

Anyway, how does this plugin works? Would it be able to have both ai-translated and human-translated links in language switcher?

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I’m unable to resolve zighelp.org. Is the site still up?

Yep, works for me.

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If you are somehow unable to access https://zighelp.org, you can clone repo and generate docs locally