zig-webui,Use any web browser as GUI with Zig

zig-webui is a zig library of webui.

Github: https://github.com/webui-dev/zig-webui

WebUI is not a web-server solution or a framework, but it allows you to use any web browser as a GUI, with your preferred language in the backend and HTML5 in the frontend. All in a lightweight portable lib.

We use zig to wrap the C library, which makes it easy for us to use it in zig.


  • Parent library written in pure C
  • Lightweight ~200 Kb & Small memory footprint
  • Fast binary communication protocol between WebUI and the browser (Instead of JSON)
  • Multi-platform & Multi-Browser
  • Using private profile for safety

Here is a text editor with zig-webui


Here we make a minimal example with zig-webui:


We init a zig project with zig init-ext or zig init(zig nightly).

Then we add this to our build.zig.zon:

.@"zig-webui" = .{
        .url = "https://github.com/webui-dev/zig-webui/archive/main.tar.gz",
        .hash = <hash value>,

Note that the hash is given by zig. Of course, zig nightly has provided a command to get package hash and write it to build.zig.zon:

zig fetch --save https://github.com/webui-dev/zig-webui/archive/main.tar.gz


We need to config build.zig:

const zig_webui = b.dependency("zig-webui", .{
    .target = target,
    .optimize = optimize,
    .enable_tls = false, // whether enable tls support
    .is_static = true, // whether static link

// add module
exe.addModule("webui", zig_webui.module("webui"));

// link library

OK, now we have configed this project!

Let us code!


const webui = @import("webui");

pub fn main() !void {
    var nwin = webui.newWindow();
    _ = nwin.show("<html><head><script src=\"webui.js\"></script></head> Hello World ! </html>");

We import the package webui, and use its method newWindow to create a window, then show it(we ignored the returned value, it is bool to tell us whether the window showed correctly).

Finaly, we use webui.wait to block the main funcion, it will break when window is closed!

Currently zig-webui is still under development and more features will be added!



What would you say are the benefits over webview?

Webview bundles corresponding dependencies according to different platforms, which will result in larger build results.
The advantage of webui is that it only requires a browser to run (no need to bundle huge libraries)
However, due to different browser versions, additional considerations may be required for compatibility

What do you recomend for building a release when a project is done?

about release, look at this issue:About version number · Issue #9 · webui-dev/zig-webui · GitHub

interesting! can webui use in mobile (android, ios)?

Sorry, currently WebUI only supports PC, not mobile

add Online Document: Documentation - Zig

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