Zig WASM Game Jam Entry

LudumDare-Games/LudumDare55-Summoning at master · Nathan-Franck/LudumDare-Games (github.com)

Over a couple months I’ve been building up some code to create a pretty solid interface between a zig/wasm backend and a typescript/react frontend, and I was able to put it to the ultimate test this last weekend on a game jam.

I’m pretty happy with the results! The game runs, and I was able to pivot the game design pretty well with my tools - lots of comptime logic was leveraged to get a really solid bond between zig and typescript that made sure I could code really confidently. I’m also happy to have an artist friend to provide the pretty pictures I can pack into the wasm bundle and render in WebGL on the frontend.

I’m definitely looking forward to another game jam with the same tech, where hopefully I can be a bit more ambitious with the actual game, and possibly try out some fancier rendering techniques.