Zig Version on Arch

i got a little confused. I use Arch and have the newest version installed. However, I still seem to miss certain features. f.e. @memset() still takes 3 arguments. zig version is 0.11.0-dev.251+7c527c6df.
So i assumed i am on 0.11.0. On my laptop (ubuntu, zig version 0.11.0) i seem to have the features. As i consequence i am currently not able to build my code on both OS.

Thanks, for your help

So the most recent version is 0.12, so I’m curious where you got your install from?

Are you using the Arch User-Repository? If not, where did you get your latest install version from?

Likewise, I used to have issues with my path variables on Arch for binaries so your command line may be referencing the wrong bin.

If you can give us some more info, I think we can help you get this sorted out.

Also, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help and welcoming me. I solved the issue.
Like you said, I found a wrong bin that was referenced.



I’m also using Zig on Arch (mostly), and I have found out that using Zig from Arch repositories is a waste of time, and/or a pain. Unless you’re ok with using an older version, I’d suggest either downloading nightly builds manually from https://ziglang.org/download/ and unpacking them to a directory that is in your PATH environment variable, or using something like https://github.com/jsomedon/night.zig.

BTW, when you see -.dev.+ in your Zig version, that’s a nightly build, not a release. So, 0.11.0-dev.251+7c527c6df is not a 0.11 release, it’s an early WIP build of 0.11.
AFAIR, last pre-release builds of 0.11 were 0.11.0-dev.4000 or something around that number, which is the number of commits, I think.

Hope that makes sense.