Zig OS (combination of kernel and bootloader right now)

Hello there,

the last weeks (and even months) I have been working on a simple combination of a bootloader and kernel in ZIG.
Now, with great thanks to this awesome forum, I finally got it working!
You can see it at https://codeberg.org/samuel-fiedler/zig_os.
I will try to add more features to it later. Also, feel free to suggest anything on how I could improve my codebase or similar things.

Looking forwards,
Samuel Fiedler


Congrats, @samuel-fiedler! I got to see all the threads behind this and it was a lot of work and strange things to get it working.

You will have to know: Yesterday (the 17th december) I just tried out my last idea and there was just “hello world from kernel” on the screen.
I wasn’t able to believe it…
Thanks a lot to this forum for the help and to the ZIG developers for this great language!