Zig MSBuild SDK: Build Zig/C/C++ code in the .NET SDK

Basically makes it easy to write native components in Zig/C/C++ as part of a .NET solution (e.g. C#/F#). Particularly useful if you need to ship a native library alongside your managed code in a NuGet package and you want to easily cross-compile the native library to all supported .NET platforms.


Very cool idea.

Very cool. I think it would be even cooler to go the other way, enhance zig build to build C# projects…I plan on trying this out soon with GitHub - marlersoft/win32jsongen: Generates the JSON Win32 metadata files for: https://github.com/marlersoft/win32json

I might also want to generate MSbuild proj files though so you can open the project in Visual Studio…I don’t know, things to explore.