Zig Learning Resources

Zig is still a relatively young programming language and yet to reach a 1.0 release. This is why it’s rapidly evolving and breaking changes between releases are expected. This makes it a hard moving target when trying to develop and maintain learning resources about the language and its ecosystem. Nevertheless, there are already some very good resources available and we invite the community to add their own and help keep this list up-to-date. The list is not in any particular order to make it easy to add and remove items without having to break out a sorting algorithm. :smile_cat:

Also be sure to check out the learning resources list over at the official Zig project website.


I would add this very forum (I learned a lot on it) and also StackOverflow (although it seems it has less Zig content than this forum).


Also there is Zig Guide, former ziglearn.org

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@bortzmeyer , @dee0xeed : Thanks for the great recommendations. I invite you to add them yourselves by editing the original topic post! If for some reason you can’t make the edit, let us know to see if there’s some setting to adjust.

It seems that ziglearn is now Zig Guide (it redirects there).

Exactly, I noticed this just ~15 minutes ago when I looked through my one-tab section, dedicated to Zig. I don’t know if that collection of links fits here, anyway, here it is