Zig Kernel VGA text output does not work

Hello there,

after all, I wanted to develop some kind of VGA Text Output in ZIG.
I already made UART work. But, well, UART only gets displayed in the serial console (terminal) in QEMU, but I can’t see the strings on the QEMU display.
I searched for ZIG things on https://osdev.org and found one OSDev Wiki Article that basically just had the code for a VGA console. After fixing things with old builtin functions, it did not display anything.
The code is available on Codeberg. And yes, I used volatile for the VGA memory address.
So, now my question: How can I access the VGA “entry” buffer in Zig?

Looking forwards,
Samuel Fiedler

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When using UEFI there’s no VGA buffer (0xb8000), instead you get to draw to the framebuffer.

Note how the OSDev run qemu line doesn’t use -bios OVMF.fd.


Thanks a lot!