Zig CI on Woodpecker

For all those who want to run CI on Woodpecker, especially for hosting on Codeberg, I’ve made a small template build.yaml that should work out of the box.
Woodpecker uses docker containers, so I build a new one every night (thanks to @marler8997 for zigup) for testing Zigglings.

Woodpecker has a good documentation “Welcome to Woodpecker”, but some important information for us is unfortunately somewhat hidden. If we want to use the latest Zig version, we need an nightly Ziglang container. The command “pull: true” is required for this. Otherwise, the container is often cached, and we do not receive a new version.

I hope it is helpful for some of you.


So it is like github actions. Working with Codeberg's CI | Codeberg Documentation

Similar, but Woodpecker has more flexibility in my opinion. You can also use a private docker container with everything you need.

You are talking about this?

Adding a registry allows you to authenticate and pull private images from a container registry when using these images as a step inside your pipeline

Yes, very helpful if you use licensed products that are not open source.

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I check there is not tag for 0.12.0, would you mind release one?

Yes, I did now.

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