Zig Builtin Cheatsheet v0.2

Since I didn’t even know half of these and I can’t remember them yet. My LaTeX isn’t the best, but here’s the result. It is just the function signatures, and Ihad to abreviate a lot (eg _V for void). Those abbreviations were symbols (void previously was a zero with a slash through it, but, type was tau, etc…) but someone said it looked too intimidating. I kind of liked it more because they were visually unique and shorter.

If you want the source just ask, or tell me how to fix it and I’ll see if my rudimentary LaTeX skills are up to it (my resume used to be in handwritten PostScript years ago, and one person actually noticed).


edit2: link updated, ht: DtB. I’ll add color this week.

edit: Instead of greek letters and math symbols, I might see what is in font awesome. Slice of pizza is much letss intimidating to some people than an alpha (so i wont be that flippand, but there might be something in there that is useable). Think I need to color the function names and return values to tmake them easier to read.


Very nice! Thanks for sharing this. And I realized that the forum wasn’t allowing PDF uploads thanks to this, so now that’s fixed.
zig__builtin_cs.pdf (66.5 KB)


Cool! By the way if you’re struggling a bit with latex (like me) you might want to have a look at typst - the compiler is open-source with a very good CLI.

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what keeps me coming back to latex is the typesetting i s just second to none. I hope typst can live up to that.

Two abosolutely brilliant people are responsible for how amazing it is - Donald Knuth and Leslie Lamprt - but TeX and LaTeX languages have more corner cases than a hedge maze and more footguns than all C++ programs added together… I used to be able to handwrite PostScript, but *Tex is a mess that I don’t even like to deal with,

I agree latex usually looks really clean, as long as you made peace with the idea of not having your say on your document layout - damn me, for trying to insert too many images in a document! :slight_smile:

But anyway I suggest you give typst a try to see for yourself, and tell me how this young project competes with our venerable and trusty latex.

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Thanks for sharing this cheatsheet!