Zein - a Zig based Tensor library

Hello! I’m excited to be apart of the Zig community and it’s quickly become my language of choice for development!

The project that I’d like to introduce is Zein (Z for zig, ein for einsum/tensor stuff).

I am planning on doing a full scale support of AVX (currently used for fast tensor indexing) and CUDA at some point!

Please check it out at: GitHub - andrewCodeDev/ZEIN: Zig-based implementation of tensors

I am looking to collaborate with people, have my code reviewed and just interact with the community in general.


  • Andrew

Love it! Thank you for sharing!

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Thanks! I’m always looking for help and collaborators. Version 1 is almost done, I’ll be starting version 2 and then it’s off to Cuda land!

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I have some experience with CUDA, so I’ll keep an eye and see if I can help.

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Awesome! I’d be glad to have your input. When I get to that point, I’ll send you a pm! I’m just fleshing out the semantics at the moment (debating on removing some of the try statements and using asserts instead kind of thing). I have yet to decide on how the kernels are all going to come together, and I want to support tensor quantization from the beginning so there will be a lot of open ended discussions that should be pretty fun to have.

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Also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zein?useskin=vector. And this :person_shrugging: :slightly_smiling_face:

Eventually, you’ll collide with something. That’s really funny.