Will there be 16k page size support?

Zig people. I’ve had fun testing out the language a bit now, what a cool project, but I have had to do it remotely as linux 16k page size systems doesn’t seem to be supported. Thus, compiling and most else doesn’t really work. I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge on development or a time estimate or similar on possible support. The time it takes for the simlest of projects to be transfered, compiled and transfered back from my slow school servers :sob:

Related issues i believe: 4082, 11308. So it does seems it’s in the workings, though it seems it went a bit stale?

Hello @YourBroFred Welcome to ziggit :slight_smile:
The issue is tracked as #16331 and it’s currently in 0.13.0 milestone.
There is a workaround fix for page_size function.


Thanks, I’ll give the workaround a try!