What's Zig got that C, Rust and Go don't have? (with Loris Cro)

This was released a week ago but I was busy with Handmade Seattle, so I’m sharing it now.

Since it was published, people pointed out two mistakes I made:

  1. Go has been able for a while now to export dynamic libraries. My knowledge was from before that time and I also got confused, thinking that you could not export C ABI functions at all, while in fact you can. That said, having a runtime still makes Go not a viable C replacement in the most direct sense of the expression.

  2. Zig used to only support pointer arithmetic by converting the pointer to an int, applying the operation, and then converting it back to a pointer. Since a few months ago, [*]T (and related) started supporting arithmetic. That’s a pointer type that you don’t touch directly often, as you normally would use a slice (ptr + len).


Loved it! Eloquent and to the point. You did great, Loris!

Also available via the Developer Sources podcast: