What is your preferred theme or colorscheme?

I have been learning and coding in Zig for over a year now but I never found a good colorscheme that matches with Zig’s syntax and tokens, so I would like to know what you use on your personal code editor [vscode, neovim, vim, emacs, etc.]

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I am using this :slight_smile:

What’s your editor?

Looks like midnight Commander.

I use a custom neovim theme

since everyone is posting pics, I’ll do so as well


Zig language syntax highlighting for mcedit

mcedit is obviously “Midnight Commander Editor”, not “MineCraftEditor” of course :slight_smile:

Ah! See also zig.theme and zig.xml here. TBH, I don’t remember where I’ve stolen these from, but I remember I had to made some adjustments when fighting with pandoc.

Small example:


I am using monokai in vscode



I’m on a black and white theme right now since all I have is this ereader running android. Surprisingly, key information is still emphasized either with bold/block letters/italics when needed, so I really don’t lose much. Editor is neovim ofc :smiley:


I am running LazyVim using the storm variant of the folke/tokyonight colorscheme with manually configured zls (inlay hints and also changes some highlighting colors).
Currently using Alacritty as terminal with Mononoki Nerd Font.

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Prefer neovim with zenbones for minimal distraction.

I code in libre writer (the one true editor) using bold lime-green liberation sans :sunglasses:

lol, k… for real… Helix, “autumn night”


I gotta know what @dude_the_builder is working with.

Actually, I use butterflies

Now all kidding aside, I recently switched my old, heavily customized Neovim config with a fresh and lightly edited Kickstarter config. Only needed to adjust a couple of lines to add ZLS as the LSP. All the other defaults are quite good. Here’s a video guide on setting up a Neovim Kickstarter config.


Libre Writer? Nah man, WordPerfect 5.1. Blue background, white text forever! lol

I keep forgetting to ask - what font are we using for our zig code blocks here on Ziggit? I like it.

The computed CSS value is Consolas, Menlo, Monaco, "Lucida Console", "Liberation Mono", "DejaVu Sans Mono", "Bitstream Vera Sans Mono", "Courier New", monospace so if your system has one of those, it’s that one.

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I use the Helix editor with the yo-berry-dark theme:


Looks good, but this makes me hungry to eat (blue or other) berry (cheese or other) cake, maybe I am just too hungry at the moment… :thinking: