What is the ZIG version of this source?

Hello there,

while my bootloader problem (the integer overflow) has been solved, I encountered another problem. But this problem is mainly UEFI specific, so I don’t really have to discuss about that here (and if you want to do so: it’s about getting std.os.uefi.Status.NotFound when calling std.os.uefi.system_table.boot_services.?.allocatePages with AllocateAddress set; so a thing of virtual and physical memory).
I think that found a solution for this problem in one GitHub Repository. But I don’t know the ZIG version of that source.
So here is my question to all ZIG history guys: What is the version of the Zig Compiler I need to be able to compile that source?

Looking forwards,
Samuel Fiedler

Solved it manually by testing out ZIG versions. It was 0.8.1.