What are the correct names for build.zig phases?

build.zig build system runs in two separate phases:

  • first, we run build.zig’s main to get a graph of steps
  • then, we run make functions of those steps to actually do the build

What are the proper names for this two phases?

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So far: introduce build_runner.phase enum {declare, make} and assert the phase in many functions · Issue #14941 · ziglang/zig · GitHub

Any counter-proposals for phase names?

“configure”/“make” might be a nice mnemonic since it matches something people are already used to.

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Gradle calls those configuration and execution (not that gradle is a good role model to follow here).

configure/make seems spot-on. Could even rename pub fn build to pub fn configure to have a mnemonic here:

configure -> fn configure
make -> fn make

make I will have the impression of doing C/C++ because it is very used like that my projects are made like that
build is for transition, I don’t use make but a bash (or bat), I find build is in itself a program,.

make is linked to a config file…