Version 0.10?

Why packages are not arriving in our distributions
example Manjaro or AUR etc…

Are there any hidden dependencies…

Poke the package maintainers :sweat_smile:

They take a long time to relax

How to put zig 10 bin in my user please
apart do download
there is no procedure like “chosemin” of the NIM-lang language

Just put them all into, say, /opt and run whatever version you want.

$ ls -1 /opt/

/opt/zig/aaa/zig build-exe src.zig
/opt/zig-0.10/zig build-exe src.zig

Or add desired version to your $PATH envvar.


I use this link because I can’t use 0.10.0
the reason :
the LSP 0.9.0 server from
LSP 0.10.0 not actif

LSP 0.9.0 are inconsistent and both work with 0.11.0 if above

i wish it was double zig-lang 0.10.0 ??? and 0.11.0-dev.251

it is possible to use

with the command:
tar --use-compress-program=unzstd -xvf archive.tar.zst

but still with zig version 0.11.0-dev.251…

my user:
to $HOME
add: .zig folder
add: .zls folder

I modified the .profile
export PATH=$HOME/.zig/:$PATH

use vscode

Apparently it works while waiting for the manager packages to arrive

I spent my night on it, doing tests
because there are modifications and I don’t want to crash with the new version

I extract the zig binary release and rename the resulting folder to just ‘zig’. I’ve got an alias in my shell configuration.

alias zig=$HOME/zig/zig

Whenever a new version comes out I just remove the folder and extract the new archive, then rename it.

I agree with you, but I wanted to benefit from ZLS in vscode, I’m on a big project and it helps me… It’s not so much on ZIG that I have problems, but with ZLS which is compiled on 0.11.0-dev.251… It would be good if there was some harmony.

Actually, I grabbed the 0.10.0 binary. to stay in the nails
and the 0.10.0 ZLS binary
it gives me a message in vscode that I may have inconsistencies, but I only use the analysis of structure and first pass of code… After the real errors currently are in the few code divergences at the recompile (0.9.2 and 0.10.0)
example into a std.debug.print(" test bool{bool},.{true}); no longer accepted
std.debug.print(" test bool{},.{true}); is accepted

Unfortunately Zig is still a moving target. I fully accept breakage between releases, and it can be difficult to keep tooling in sync because of that. You’ll likely have an easier time if you stick with the most recent stable release and get a zls version released about the same time.

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or zig 0.10.0 download

recover the zip extract in a folder wrkzls
cd wrkzls
zig build -Drelease-safe

this HOME

add: .zig folder
add: .zls folder copyez le point bin de $HOME/wrkzls/zig-out

I modified the .profile
export PATH=$HOME/.zig/:$PATH

use vscode Zig Language Server (zls) for VSCode - Visual Studio Marketplace
change :
zls:PATH $HOME/.zls/bin

zls:Zig_exe.path $HOME/.zig/

zls:Zig_lib_path $HOME/.zig/lib/


I just wanted to point out that GitHub - marler8997/zigup: Download and manage zig compilers. exists :slight_smile:

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