Vale's First Prototype for Immutable Region Borrowing

I found this interesting in itself, although I have not tried Vale myself.


I’m really enjoying all the experimentation with memory usage and ownership ideas that have been popping up lately. It’s going to take a lot of good ideas before anything can finally stand as a replacement to what we currently have, but some people are trying in earnest!

I’ll keep an eye on this - like the article mentioned, they need to figure out how to use inline stuff and not rely extensively on the heap, but it’s an interesting problem.

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It seems interesting, so far I only took a quick glance at it.
It reminds me a bit of the modes stuff, in these blog posts:

What seems nice to me, about these modes is that they are orthogonal to the types and thus the type system doesn’t become overly complex. But so far I have only observed it from the outside and not played with these ideas / experimental features. OCaml with these additions seems nicer to me than Rust, but I guess that doesn’t say a lot since I haven’t really used either of them.