Utah Zig Meetup Talks

Some amazing Zig talks by Utah folks.

Here’s the first one:

The other ones will be live streamed here (the second one is already up!):

Meetup link:


Thanks for the links.

I did not see this event announced anywhere – if any of the organisers hang around here, I would suggest to announce them ahead of time in this forum.


You’re welcome, I’ve noticed it only thanks to someone mentioning the first talk in the “#btw” channel of the main Zig Discord server.

In general, there’s a separate “Meetups” category of channels, so depending on their location people discuss and schedule all meetups in their respective channel.

Also, in terms of casual recordings from other meetups, there’s a general Zig Meetups YT channel for those.

I watched this just after it came out. For some reasons YT seems to think I am interested in Zig related videos and recommended it :innocent:

I can recommend it, if you are interested in compiler construction/optimisation. It addresses both how techniques can be used for parsing Zig as well as how you do that parsing in Zig.

Having been involved in parallelisation and acceleration using GPUs (for video processing including compositing) this was very relatable. There is not much code examples there for incorporation in my current day-to-day programming (at least not the ones I don’t consider optimising extensively), however if/when the speed improvements it can provide make it into the Zig compiler it will benifit all users.


There was another meetup last night; They are happening on the second Thursday of every month.

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