Undecipherable simple


look at the bottom of the testing page

Encrypt and decrypt study:
encrypt: key 10 char, includes char \n and char " " (10 32) the whole thing includes an algorithm.
language mixing contributes to encryption

decrypt = reverse encrypt

everything is encoded to accept UTF8
it is always possible to break the encryption, but to encrypt a Json file containing a structure relating to a display???,
it is rather to discourage when porting an application.

Afterwards, we can multiply the keys etc. .
it would be possible to only encrypt every 2 characters…this is not included in the program, but the program is just a basic encryption study

the key can contain UTF8 characters

To tell the truth, this text is undecipherable. Also, I suspect that this is not real encryption but some sort of home project.

thank you for correctif

YES undecipherable this traduction google in french.
“Everything is not included in the example, an integrity check key needs to be added, it’s just an easy-to-implement approach that doesn’t cost much, it can be useful when a master program receives data from a Json file, and emulates different displays or updates or prints, I did this on large IBM systems, the result was emulation with 3 programs replacing 2500 management programs.”

@JPL If you are using Generative AI you should switch to a better LLM. Try ChatGPT. It generates more coherent text.


This program is related to encryption, it has two keys, one for the text and one for control. The control key keeps track of the number of encrypted characters.

This encryption is designed to discourage unauthorized access when implemented for a client. I make no claims that it is unbreakable.

The key can contain UTF8 characters

Have fun deciphering without looking at the program.

The program is very simple, and it also manipulates text in various ways.

traduc chatgpt

pourquoi j’ai fais ce programme.
l’idée générale :
d’avoir un programme qui lit un fichier JSON qui lui définit le mode d’affichage et de saisie,
ce qui veut dire qu’un seul programme suffit pour faire différent affichage, après vous devez aussi avoir un fichier Json qui comporte les paramètres qui permette de lire une database et de donner à manger à l’affichage et mettre à jour ou non la database

cela a l’aire compliquer, NON, je l’ai déjà fait en 1990 sur AS400, donc aujourd’hui avec les technologies modernes sur PC je ne vois pas de problème si ce n’est un langage évolué. (ZIG)

Write it in your native language, it’s much more reliable as those that can read won’t lose any information and those that can’t are free to try different translation tools to make sense of it.

I tried to explain in French why this encryption program is necessary.