Unable to execute zig 0.13 as it's detected to contain a virus by windows defender

I am currently unable to run the latest zig version of build: zig-windows-x86_64-0.13.0-dev.3+dddddcffd I get an error from windows defender saying it contains a virus, this was not the case with the 0.12 build. complete error:

Program ‘zig.exe’ failed to run: Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or
potentially unwanted software

I directly downloaded the build from the ziglang.org website

Please verify that the file is correctly signed using minisign:

minisign -Vm zig-windows-x86_64-0.13.0-dev.3+dddddcffd.zip -P RWSGOq2NVecA2UPNdBUZykf1CCb147pkmdtYxgb3Ti+JO/wCYvhbAb/U

If the verification fails, delete the file and retry the download.
If the verification succeeds you can add the file to your antivirus exclusion list.
Windows 10 & 11 how to add an exclusion to Windows Security