UI Adventures

I’ve written a blog post about some of my adventures in writing UI. This post isn’t great, but I wanted to start sharing my journey from start to present. More posts are planned soon, and I’ll post updates in this thread.

I’ve also decided to use this as a starting off point for sharing my patreon. I’ve realised I really enjoy game development and systems programming and want to start on the long journey towards making a living off of it. I have nothing currently worth paying for, but I’ve linked the post on patreon:


Let me know if you learned something, or better yet if you’ve got something you think you can teach me :grin:


Since you’re targeting wasm4 you could use u16 indices for your pointers due to the memory limitations of the target device (it will never exceed a u16) and make use of xor linked lists for your doubly linked list to save space.

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