Tracking Issue: Priorities of Real World Zig Users

I created this issue and pinned it for visibility:

Please feel free to follow the link to that wiki page and add your projects to the list. If you do this, it will help me and other Zig contributors understand what issues specifically are the most important to you.

There are a lot of issues open in Zig right now, and I have a long-term plan to address them all. But, let’s be strategic about it and help unblock everyone we can in the short-term too.


Added the one for TigerBeetle:


Thanks! It’s helpful when feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of issues open, to focus on these issues and be rewarded by seeing real world users benefit immediately.

By the way, I’m happy to see compilation speed in there. That’s what I feel the most driven to focus on at the moment, and I’m making swift progress towards the “Incremental Compilation” column in the Performance Project. Meanwhile, @kubkon just landed enough of the x86/ELF linker from the “Ditch LLVM” column to fully unblock the next card in that list which is x86 backend. I know y’all need ReleaseSafe during development, but, if Debug gets 6x faster bypassing LLVM, that’s also a win for you, right?


More ELF features resume on Thursday next week - I plan to have zld/ELF fully upstreamed to Zig in the next couple of weeks including revamped linker tests. This will unblock x86_64 backend to work with shared objects and system libcs on various Linux hosts, and hopefully will be a prelude to enabling bootstrapping of Zig using our own self-hosted backend on x86_64-linux host.