The new autodoc is awesome

Try to navigate in sources; there are links for types, functions, …

zig std starts a local autodoc web server; no internet connection required.


Wow, big improvement.

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Amazing is also the implementation:

  • It is the actual zig parser in wasm that downloads a tar with the sources.
  • User interaction generates no traffic.
  • Search also works for words in doc comments.

I love how responsive it is; it’s fun to just click through different types. Also highly appreciate the keyboard shortcuts (shown with ‘?’).


‘?’ doesn’t work for me, with german keyboard layout.
With german keyboard layout the keycode is 63.

When I change my keyboard layout to us and use a us keyboard it works and the keycode is 191 that is used in the code.

In both cases ev.key has string value '?' so maybe that would be a way to make it keyboard layout independent? KeyboardEvent: key property - Web APIs | MDN
However I don’t have a lot of experience with browser key event handlers and making things work with different keyboard layouts.

I think with the other key codes this problem could potentially exist too, they just might be more often the same between different layouts.


I also noticed this and opened a PR

Choosing whether to use key (locale-specific character) or code (physical location of key) is tricky, but I opted for code because that is at least guaranteed to let you perform all actions by pressing some key, the UI might just display the wrong key glyph. key on the other hand won’t work at all for non-Latin locales.


Ideally you would want to have a way of specifying which key does what, and even reading that interactively: "press the key you want to use to search for items: " etc.

I noticed the change, I blamed it on 0.12.0 dev, I often consult, I find it better, the inseparable book for Zig-lang developers.