Tag now required in Help category

Hello Ziggit community! In an effort to maximize the quality of our forum’s content and ease the process of finding topics via search, we are experimenting with making tags a requirement when creating a new topic. For now, this will apply to the Help category only, but if it proves viable, we can apply this to other categories that make sense in the future.

Basically, now when you create a new topic under the Help category, you’ll notice it says “select at least 1 tag” in the tags drop-down to the right of the category drop-down. Upon clicking in the tags drop-down, you can start typing a tag name and you will see matching tags listed, and for users with a high enough trust level, you can create new tags if necessary. If you can’t find a suitable tag and can’t create one either, there’s a tag called “untagged” which you can select to let the forum moderators know that this topic requires the creation of a new tag. You can also send a message to a moderator to let us know of any tag you think should be added.

We hope this doesn’t cause too much inconvenience and helps Ziggit always be a place where the community quickly finds what it’s looking for.