Syntax highlighting

Would it be possible for someone really familiar with syntax highlighting send me a message. Im trying to work out how to add it to zmpl files that contain html and zig in same file.

If you are targeting vscode/LSP see: Embedded Programming Languages.

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I managed to create a basic working extension for vscode, but i was looking for some guidance on neovim. Ive never used neovim. I basically just need to combine html and zig into one syntax highlighter.

If you have a working language server for vscode, you can use it from the neovim vim-lsp extension.

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Would someone who uses neovim be familiar with that?

Are you asking if a neovim user is familiar with LSP? They probably will be. Neovim has built in LSP support now.

Or are you asking for a neovim user for help?

Sorry i was asking if in general if a user of neovim would be familiar with lsp

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