Something I would particularly like for numbers

This part explains why we need it.

Many languages have built-in decNumber Ruby Lua Go C++ C … Rust
Python → (mpdecimal — mpdecimal project) . There’s a person who leaned over it in a ZIG
I myself made an inclusion in Nim to see its integration with a module

So I ask ZIG to integrate please

Take a look at these two open issues.

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I did business computing for more than 40 years IBM wholesale system, and also develop system software, for me not having the possibility of working with fixed decimals is a real problem.
I wanted to resume what I was also doing on PC in C/C++
but I have problems with a pointer, I tried everything I remain on my hunger.
I’ll try with mpdecimal where there are less pointers, but it’s not won.
Thank you for answering

Apparently I arrive with mdp decimal to model in zig.

I will give news later.