Software You Can Love 2024 Milan 14-17 May 2024

The website for Software You Can Love 2024 is up!

There’s also a call for speakers for those who might be interested:

Happy to answer any question about the event but also if you plan to come please do join the Discord server so that you can get help from other attendees wrt travel & logistics.


I am probalby going to drive there from BS, Germany, and have at least 2 seats free, in case someone is interested.

Just curious, what is BS, Germany? Cannot expand BS in this context. :slight_smile:

Sorry that is the area code for Braunschweig used on the number plates issued in this region. On the wikepdia page it is on the right after “Vehicle Registration”.

You can do the lookup given the area code, assuming you know it is one, on this page

The area code (at the front of the number plate) vastly limits the vanity plate possibilities I was used to in the USA, but I have seen STA-U (german for traffic jam, from Starnberg) and HE-LL 666 ( from Helmstedt)


I’m assuming the event will be in-person only?

I’d love to join, but realistically I don’t think I will be able to :frowning:
If there is going to be a livestream, I’ll try to follow it live, otherwise I will have to wait for the recordings.

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On the discord server page it says there is going to be a livestream of the talk days.

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Also the frontpage makes that claim. Barring catastrophic failures of the production equipment, we should be able to both livestream and record.


Homepage is taking me to the sycl for 2022.

nevermind had to refresh the page a couple times, it was cached on the 2022 one

Yes, I’ve changed host at the DNS level but some people still have the old IP address cached.

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Thanks for clarification on that

The talk lineup has been finalized: Full Agenda -

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Stellar lineup. Quite a few language talks this year, and not just from Zig and Roc compiler folks - so awesome! Also, looking forward to Josh’s first talk, and another Motiejus’ talk, first one was fun. Btw, was his Vancouver one recorded? I don’t think I’ve seen it.