Software You Can Love 2022

I was finally able to publish the SYCL22 website!

SYCL22 will be held in Milan, Italy on October 7-10.

Announcement blog post:

Official website:

Happy to answer any question :^)


Brilliant conference topic.

people love working software that doesn’t ask them to do anything more than they need to. so much software ignores people - people that develop, use, run and operate a system. Often there is focus on one or some, but rare is there a complete package.

part of software is … leadership. does an organization enable it’s engineers to do the things people love? or do they tell their technicians what to love - some organizations value gold over amazing human interactions. Or, more interestingly, ego can emerge over gold and experience. The need for control often comes with different masks, but peel the onion…there it is!

big / novel / iron tech each seem to have different approaches to this question. Great concept. Very cool!

Thank you! Now I have to make sure to get enough attendees and speakers to make it a good event :^)

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