Senior ML Engineer (Zig) | Full Time | Remote (US) | $175-210k + Bonus + Equity

Hey, I’m Michael Bilow, Head of Data Science at tvScientific. I’m hiring a Senior ML Engineer working in Zig and Python. We’re a Series A startup building a low-latency ML inference engine (and much more) as part of our Connected TV ad-buying platform. We’re looking for Senior and Staff level Machine Learning Engineers with experience in Zig and Python to join our growing team!

What you’ll do:

  • Write production code in Zig, Python, and C
  • Design and implement new ML products to deliver clear performance from connected TV advertising
  • Serve as a technical lead and mentor to the team

Ideal candidate:

  • Ability to write & review production-level code in Zig and Python
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Strong statistics and ML fundamentals
  • Desire to work at a fast-growing Series A startup–working under uncertainty, owning and scaling new products, and an experimental and iterative development process

Why join us?

  • An engineering culture optimized for async work and learning; remote-first, flexible, and humane.
  • Competitive salary and equity options.
  • An enormous diversity of high-leverage problems, from the CPU/GPU core level, through distributed systems, and up to the ML training stack and the experimentation around it. You can work at whatever level you think is interesting and leverages your skills the best.

If you’re interested, apply on Greenhouse (Job Application for Senior Machine Learning Engineer (Zig) at tvScientific), or email me at mbilow[at]tvscientific[dot]com


Love to see more Zig jobs, hope you find a good candidate!


We already got a couple of really strong applicants! Which should not deter people from continuing to apply, it helps me make the case for investing further here.


Sounds interesting. But I think you’re offering too much. I could probably get the job done for half that rate. Anyway, wish you the best!

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zig and python, interesting, why not mojo?

You could probably just write like a Zig binding for LibTorch, then from there you could either just use that or derive a pure Zig implementation. This would not totally replace a PyTorch/Jupyter model, but you could write some specialized code to offload some of the work and from there scale it using something like a Zig implementation of coroutines.

Why not Mojo🔥 (although it does look cool):

  1. The complicated part of our work at tvScientific today is writing a really high performance web server to serve a simple ML algorithm at sub-millisecond latency via C bindings (zig excels here) rather than writing a custom ML algorithm or writing “easier CUDA,” which it looks like Mojo excels. We are purposefully not cutting edge in our choice of ML algorithms today.
  2. Depth and time-to-value; Hans Musgrave (hmusgrave (Hans Musgrave) · GitHub) who’s skilled in zig, joined us in January, and wrote a POC service in zig in April that blew our previous Python implementation out of the water. Everyone in the team is pretty good at Python, but no one is experienced with Mojo’s unique benefits, so it feels too speculative for us to pursue—no one is the expert who can teach the rest of us.
  3. The whole mojo/MAX thing doesn’t seem great either.

I’m happy to have Zig in the spotlight, AHHHH if I was 15 years younger…


I’m excited to report that after talking with @michaelbilow and the awesome team at TVScientific, I have finished the interview process and accepted the offer to join the team! I’m thrilled to be working in Zig as the main language for my job - I genuinely didn’t see that coming.


That’s Awesome to hear! Congrats on the new job!


Congrats @AndrewCodeDev, and welcome aboard!

For everyone else, I still have a few more open reqs on my team: Job Application for Senior Machine Learning Engineer (Zig) at tvScientific.

There’s probably more of a need for “practical” ML/Data Science (i.e. Python), Data Visualization (Python/??), Data Engineering (Scala), and DevOps (AWS/Terraform) in the remaining open roles and they’re leveled junior/mid-level/senior versus senior/staff. If you’re interested in Zig and have a strong machine learning and stats background, please apply! I will definitely be able to give you some Zig work, and you’ll have some exceptionally strong coworkers.

Also I have a Head of Insights (Staff Tech Lead Manager) role available. TLM roles are some of the most challenging out there, but if you have a great technical vision and are interested in trying management, I’m open to candidates who haven’t managed people before. The Venn Diagram of people who love systems programming and love being the human face of Data Science reporting might be two disjoint rings, but if someone wants to prove me wrong, please send me an email.

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That is awesome news, well deserved @AndrewCodeDev.

I would consider applying (no idea if I have enough zig chops for it though), but I am soured by anything related to machine learning, pretty much in the spirit of this article. Good luck with the search!

Congrats! I too hope that some day I’ll get paid to write Zig code. Good luck on your journey!