ResetEvent in V.11

My struct contains:

    running: std.Thread.ResetEvent,
    playing: std.Thread.ResetEvent,

My constructor is:

    22|     pub fn init(allocator: std.mem.Allocator, exit: ExitFn) !*Tone {
    23|        var self: *Tone = try allocator.create(Tone);
    24|        self.allocator = allocator;
    25|        self.exit = exit;
    27|        self.device = null;
    28|        self.frames = null;
    29|        self.beep_length_seconds = 0.0;
    31|        self.running = .{};
    32|        self.playing = .{};
    34|        // Initialize the running.
    35|        self.running.set();
    36|        // But don't start playing.
    37|        // self.playing.reset();
    38|        var thread = try std.Thread.spawn(.{ .allocator = self.allocator },, .{self});
    39|        std.Thread.detach(thread);
    41|        return self;
    42|    }

My error is:

src/@This/deps/sound/api.zig:35:25: error: expected type 'usize', found 'f32'

Why do I have this error at line 35 and what am I supposed to do?

Seems likely that the error is pointing to the wrong place. Does the error still occur if you comment out line 35?

When I comment line 35 I get:

install transitive failure
└─ standalone-sdl transitive failure
   └─ install standalone-sdl transitive failure
      └─ zig build-exe standalone-sdl Debug native 2 errors
src/@This/deps/sound/api.zig:38:36: error: expected type 'usize', found 'f32'
        var thread = try std.Thread.spawn(.{ .allocator = self.allocator },, .{self});
referenced by:
    startPlaying: src/@This/deps/sound/api.zig:73:21
    frame: src/@This/frontend/screen/panel/HelloWorld/HelloWorld_panel.zig:152:30
    frameCurrent: src/@This/frontend/screen/panel/HelloWorld/panels.zig:32:39
    frame: src/@This/frontend/screen/panel/HelloWorld/screen.zig:85:30
    frame: src/@This/frontend/api.zig:43:53
    main: standalone-sdl.zig:171:27
    callMain: /usr/local/zig11/lib/std/start.zig:574:32
    initEventLoopAndCallMain: /usr/local/zig11/lib/std/start.zig:508:34
    callMainWithArgs: /usr/local/zig11/lib/std/start.zig:458:12
    main: /usr/local/zig11/lib/std/start.zig:473:34
src/@This/deps/sound/api.zig:178:22: error: error is ignored
src/@This/deps/sound/api.zig:178:22: note: consider using 'try', 'catch', or 'if'
referenced by:
    init: src/@This/deps/sound/api.zig:38:81
    main: standalone-sdl.zig:64:47
    callMain: /usr/local/zig11/lib/std/start.zig:574:32
    initEventLoopAndCallMain: /usr/local/zig11/lib/std/start.zig:508:34
    callMainWithArgs: /usr/local/zig11/lib/std/start.zig:458:12
    main: /usr/local/zig11/lib/std/start.zig:473:34

You are correct. Thanks again.

Why do you declare thread as var, it’s never mutated?


Good point!

Looking at my code, I have been assuming that a struct’s constants are shared by each implementation of the struct type. I don’t want that so I kept them as var.