Recommended way to add dependencies


How can I use dependencies in zig? I know there’s zigmod though the front page says it’s a “prototype package manager”.

For importing simpler libraries I could imagine adding something like builder.addGithubDependency("myNickname", "myRepo", "v0.1.0").

Or other ideas?

git submodules until the official package manage imo.

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There will eventually be an official package manager. In the meantime, I have used git submodules, gyro and zigmod. Of the three I decided that I prefer zigmod. When we get the official package manager I will of course switch, but in the meantime I see no reason not to use whatever works best for you.

Really I think of Zigmod as “prototype” only in the sense that it is not officially blessed by the Zig project. What it does, it does very well. I’ve never had breakage between dwellers or any such issues. It’s well thought out and well documented.

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