Recommendations for embedding WASM in Zig

I’ve been searching around and see that there are C libraries like wavm, wasmer, wasmtime, wasm3, that could probably work well with Zig but before diving into any of these, I ask if anyone has recommendations on embedding (running) wasm modules in a Zig program.

Not really an answer, but just wanted to note that Zig itself will have some interest in a WASM/WASI interpreter written in Zig for Run build.zig logic in a WebAssembly sandbox · Issue #14286 · ziglang/zig · GitHub

EDIT: The comments of that issue also have some links to two relevant projects:


Thanks a lot @squeek502 for these links. The issue is quite insightful and from looking over the two lined projects, I see zware is more up-to-date and has a more intuitive API in my opinion. I’ll give it a try and see how it goes.

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