Possibly require zig version in help topics?

Zig is moving very quickly and there’s been several help requests lately that are on the edge of being a previous version with large changes that effect quite a few things. Thoughts?

After reading your proposal, I quickly did some digging as to how adding this kind of requirement to topics (and in this case it would be topics in a specific category) to Discourse is handled. As I suspected, it’s not a trivial task, basically requiring the development of a new plugin to add a custom field and then see how to make it required, validate input, restrict it to a specific category, and so on. Like anything in software, it’s doable but I don’t know if it’s worth all that fuss versus just asking users to specify the Zig version when needed. I know its a “soft” requirement and usually those don’t work but to me seems a reasonable expectation of cooperation from our users for now.


if you build a culture of making sure to always include that information, over time you can expect 90+% of posts to follow the rule


Thank you for looking into this - we’ll do the best we can if it’s more complex than needs to be right now.

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