New Ziglings exercise, threads in practice - calculation of PI

// Now that we are familiar with the principles of multi threading, we
// boldly venture into a practical example from mathematics.
// We will determine the circle number PI with sufficient accuracy.
// There are different methods for this, and some of them are several
// hundred years old. For us, the dusty procedures are surprisingly well
// suited to our exercise. Because the mathematicians of the time didn’t
// have fancy computers with which we can calculate something like this
// in seconds today.
// Whereby, of course, it depends on the accuracy, i.e. how many digits
// after the decimal point we are interested in.
// But these old procedures can still be tackled with paper and pencil,
// which is why they are easier for us to understand.
// …

Ziglings - Learn the :zap:Zig programming language by fixing tiny broken programs.


I think you intend to link to here? exercises/exercises/105_threading2.zig at main - ziglings/exercises -

When I click your link, it’s just taking me to the main page :slight_smile:

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Yes, of course, so that you can simply download or update the entire repo. The exercise is embedded in the platform and can then be started separately using zig build -Dn=105.
Or do you think it is more important to refer directly to the new exercise?

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I’d link to both, honestly. There’s an old rule of thumb with getting people to follow links - after about two clicks, you lose people.

You have great examples, and I want people to see them - that’s all :slight_smile:

As an aside, I really like the standard thread API - it looks really good.