New Ziglings exercise from a new contributor

Today we received two new exercises for file handling from a new Ziglings contributor. And they are not easy. :smile:

I wish you lots of fun!

// Until now, we've only been printing our output in the console,
// which is good enough for fighting alien and hermit bookkeeping.
// However, many other task require some interaction with the file system,
// which is the underlying structure for organizing files on your computer.
// The File System provide a hierarchical structure for storing files
// by organizing files into directories, which hold files and other directories,
// thus creating a tree structure for navigating.
// Fortunately, zig standard library provide a simple api for interacting
// with the file system, see the detail documentation here
// In this exercise, we'll try to
//   - create a new directory
//   - open a file in the directory
//   - write to the file.

Exercise 106 file writing
Exercise 107 file reading


Awesome contributions! I edited to fix the second link. It was missing a 2 (107_files2.zig). :^)

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