New terminal opens when running program

I’m on windows 11 os, my program compiles just fine. i can run the exe from the bin folder in a terminal. My problem is, is that when I run it the program opens up in a new terminal. How do i get it to run from the terminal that I am starting it from?

This is not normal. The program must run in the already open terminal.

Did you use the subsystem = .Windows when building?
If you did, change it to subsystem = .Console.

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I didnt touch the build.zig file. I just used it as is from zig init.

Is that something i change in the build.zig file?

Tell us more information about your terminal, shell (powershell or cmd?) and the command line used to start the program.

I use vscodes terminal but i also got the same results using powershell. I ran zig build. cd zig-out/bin. Then ran. start zata.exe

Have you tried running it without start? According to MSDN:

Starts a separate Command Prompt window to run a specified program or command.

You should run it like this:


That works, Thank you!