New Fireship video gives Zig a shoutout

Fireship - Stackoverflow 2023 Results

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“…there’s only 3 or 4 paid Zig programmers in the world…” lol


Fireship got close but not quite


Now we’re talking! Those are some spectacular pics! Thanks for sharing @kristoff .

P.S. - Is that GingerBill?

No that’s Andrew.

jk, if you’re referring to the third photo, that’s Motiejus from Uber.

No, the guy with the beard wearing the tie. Looks like GingerBill from Odin fame.

That’s @mattnite!

LOL! See, this is the problem with remote, text-only communication. :smile:

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Lmao hi @dude_the_builder


@mattnite ; that’s what happens when you’re famous… :smile: You know who that was? Crint Easserwood... yes, Crint Easserwood. Crocodile Dundee - Clint Eastwood - YouTube

Apparently Fireship is working on a Zig in 100 seconds video too, and it’s coming soon. That’s gonna introduce a lot of new people to language.


On one of the Fireship video, he talked about the new StackOverflow report and Zig is up there on several ratings.