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It would be nice to allow users to create new tags, or have more tags to select from. At the time of this writing there’s only “package-management”, and “security” to pick from. As a new user I can’t use my own:


I understand the risk of recently joined new members flooding the system with countless (perhaps irrelevant) tags, so maybe allowing only members with a certain “trust level” to create tags?

(There’s more info about tags here A comprehensive guide to Discourse tags - faq - Discourse Meta)

Hi @endel and welcome to the Ziggit community! After checking out the config settings, I see that to create tags, you have to be at least at Trust Level 3 (regular), which requires some time of visits, reading, and posting to acheve. This is a reasonable setting in my opinion given it can prevent spamming in this area (tags), but if there’s a community consensus on loweing this level, I’ll be glad to adjust it.

In the meantime, feel free to suggest any tags you would like created and further the posts you would like tham to be applied to, and I can do that for you. :^)

Your friendly neighborhood Ziggit Admin (it’s just me, dude_the_builder)

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Hi! :slight_smile: Oh, makes sense! Trust Level 3 seems fair enough :laughing: thanks for checking!

I was thinking maybe each std.* could be a tag, examples: c, mem, net, os, wasm, process, json, crypto, (etc…). Some are likely going to be renamed/moved before 1.0 though, so we could add only the most frequently used first, what do you think? :eyes: