List of companies using Zig in production


I think it’s worth putting Hexops:

Maybe Midstall Software, too:

Ameli is using Zig, btw:

Not sure if it counts but Axiom has this one small Zig library:

Also, I remember Motiejus saying some time ago that Google and Cloudflare used zig cc in some capacity.


It doesn’t look like it is a company:

Hexops is a little place, and eventual company, for creating games

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Yeah, not yet, I guess.

There’s also ZML, not much open-source proof that they’re actually using Zig, though:

Is there any link to back it up?

Not sure, I know engineers from these companies have been commenting on some compiler repo issues, but I don’t remember seeing any official acknowledgements like company blog posts.

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How can I contact ZML to confirm this?

I believe this is the founder:

Or maybe @SuperAuguste can confirm it, since he now works there :slightly_smiling_face:

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Confirmed - we use Zig (it’s even explicitly mentioned in our Twitter/GitHub org description). Not really in production yet, though. :slight_smile:


DNEG is using Zig judging from Jim Price’s talks:


Just remembered the presentation about using Zig in Defold:

Syndica is writing a Solana (cryptocurrency) Validator in Zig. Just heard about it the other day on the Zig Discord.

StarkNet is using a Zig implementation of Cairo VM:

Also, Roc is using Zig for its compiler builtins:

Steve confirmed usage in production :slight_smile:

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Isn’t the zig software foundation missing from the list?

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It is not a company, but maybe it should be listed in some other section?

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I feel like it would be worth mentioning, since it does employ some zig developers.
A dedicated section might be a good idea.