Link visiting count

The $SUBJ is incremented only after left mice button click
and is not incremented after right mice button click + “open the link in a new tab/window”.
I frequently use the second way just to be sure that the current page is still here.
Is it possible to fix this somehow?

I’ll check, but I’m pretty sure it can’t be fixed because a left click on the link triggers a JavaScript onClick handler whereas right-click + select from menu is beyond the realm of what JavaScript can see (as far as I know).

I am not a web-programmer, but I also suspect that it’s not possible to catch events of this sort.
I’ve asked just in case, maybe some js guru can help.

If you have an anchor element which uses the onclick even to process the data, then you would either have to set the default left-click action to open a new tab, or the JavaScript would have to increment the data on the page load as opposed to the click event