Is zig currently missing a standard library for OS API on Mac?

Hello! I am trying to write a basic text editor and was initially looking at functions that would help me clear the screen and enter raw mode. It looks like the functions would generally be in the standard library with something likes std.os.linux.tcgetattr etc, but upon checking, there doesn’t seem to be a library for Mac/darwin. Is this just a current deficit in the standard library or does posix compliance make it so I could use something like linux or plan9 to get these functions?

EDIT: I believe I solved this myself. For anyone looking into this in the future, std.posix is separate from std.os but contains the relevant functions. Given the posix compliant nature of darwin/Mac, it should work.

Hello @gaba-gh0ul

There are two APIs.
The std.c is the same as calling the C library function using errno for errors.
And there is the std.posix zig API that wraps the calls and returns zig error unions.
My recommendation is to use std.posix.