Is there a specific reason that we don't have nested functions

What is the reason that functions can’t have inner functions inside them. Is this simply a design choice? Is it just not within the Zig philosophy? or Is this something that would be done in future?

pub fn addTwo(a: i32) i32 {
    fn addOne (a: i32) i32 {
        return a + 1,

    return addOne(a) + 1;

The above is a trivial example but is this ever going to be a thing?

You can accomplish the same thing by creating a struct type inside the function:

pub fn addTwo(a: i32) i32 {
    const Fns = struct {
        fn addOne (b: i32) i32 {
            return b + 1;

    return Fns.addOne(a) + 1;

Some of the reasoning behind keeping function declaration syntax distinct from other types is explained in this Git issue comment.


link does not work.

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My GitHub link? It’s the correct comment permalink and it seems to work in every browser that I’ve tried.


The link works for me.


Are you sure it didn’t work?
Could it be that it worked and you just didn’t like the answer?

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Just commenting to reply in defense of @slonik-az that the link actually is broken (on mobile Safari, anyway). But this appears to be a GitHub or Safari issue, maybe due to there being hundreds of collapsed comments in that issue which messes up the page loading when the link is to a later comment, but that’s just a guess.

Anyway, using a local struct for the function is the correct answer to the original question IMO.


The link does not work on my ipad using Safari browser. moreover it traps the browser so that “go back” button does not work. could be a safari things but annoying like hell.

@obijohn welcome to the forum and thanks for the detailed error report. this is exactly the error i am seeing on my ipad.